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Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, BNY Services was founded with a mission to provide high quality office cleaning and medical office cleaning services at a low cost to our clients. As our company continued to grow in the janitorial services space, we realized that our clients had more than just janitorial needs, they needed a full scale systematic approach for integrated facility management solutions.


We began offering additional services by utilizing outsourced companies as well as our in-house technicians. Over time, BNY started offering services that included carpet care, floor care, porter services, construction cleaning, and much more. In 2020, BNY took on its first contract in the Southern Florida region and has been seeing steady growth in that market ever since.


what WE DO

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Carpet Care
Floor Care
Window Cleaning
Tile & Grout
Construction Cleaning
Emergency Cleaning
Daily Janitorial
Deep Cleaning
Common Areas


"BNY Cleaning is charged with the very laborious task of cleaning my property management company's apartment buildings located in the downtown and North Buffalo area and they never disappoint! Not only are they thorough in their cleaning, but they are professional, super friendly and reasonably priced. We strongly recommend their services to all Western New York clients looking for high quality cleaning and customer service! :)".

Ashley V.

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237 Main St., Suite 304, Buffalo, NY 14203

1100 Brickell Bay Dr, Suite 43G, Miami, FL 33131

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